Racism Still Exist Today: Blacks Still Have 2 inches of a 6 inch Knife in our Backs by Dr. Rashawn

In this #DailyThought, Dr. Ray continues his discussion of the significance of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests not to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner.

This #DailyThought also discusses recent research studies and court rulings documenting that racism is unfortunately alive and well in the U.S.
#Kaepernick is right about this.

Dr. Ray also makes the connection that the historical legacy of an original discriminatory GI Bill for soldiers helps to separate the White middle class from the Black middle class in the 21st century.

Dr. Ray says:
“To my friends and classmates from high school and college who think racism, classism, sexism, or homophobia go away by not talking about it. You live a very privileged life. And your white privilege, or class privilege, or male privilege, or cis privilege may be so chronic that you don’t even realize it.”

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