Media Appearances


"Being Color Brave rather than Colorblind: Forming a Racially-inclusive Sociological Imagination"

"From Segregation To Today: How The Noose Is Used To Intimidate African Americans" (06/05/17)

"Your Turn: The Week In Local Protests" (05/23/17)

"UMD faculty members speak up after campus murder" (05/25/17)

"Black Lives Matter" (05/21/17)

"Prince George’s Co. Police Work To Counter A Hard Truth: Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist" (03/15/17)

"Black Man Running Group Races To Change Racial Stereotypes" (11/29/16)

"Understanding Implicit Bias" (2/14/17)

"Black Lives Matter and the Prospects for Reform under President Trump" -Part 2 (11/26/16)

"AJ NewsGrid: Trump and the Rise of the Alt-right/White Nationalism (minute 25)" (11/23/16)

"Rashawn Ray on Personalized Learning and Equity" (08/09/16)

"Killing with Impunity: A Discussion about Racism in the Criminal Justice System"-Part 1 (09/08/16)

“Inside Story – U.S. Police Killings: What Role Does Prejudice Play?” Al Jazeera (07/08/16)

"Know Justice, Know Peace" (02/14/16)

“Racist RSVP?” HLN, The Daily Share (03/19/15)

“Death by Legal Intervention.” Fox News, Cincinnati (10/15/15)

"Being Color Brave Rather Than Color Blind" (11/17/14)

“The State of the Black Community.” Views & Vibes (11/05/14)

OutKasted Conversations Episode 30: Rashawn Ray (09/29/14)

“RWJF Scholars in Health Policy Research.” Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship Scholars (08/14/14)

"The African-American Experience of Class" (06/06/14)

"Forging a Research Program on the Health of the Black Middle Class" (05/15/14)

“One Author’s Journey.” Cognella Publishers (08/22/12)

“Race and Basketball.” NBC News Channel 4, Washington (04/29/14)

“Is Spanking a Race Issue?” Voice of Russia Radio (12/29/11)